Monday, November 12, 2012

Dream: Loosing a tooth

Last night, I had the classic dream of losing a tooth.  In this dream, I scratched a back molar with my finger nail and a  chunk of it flaked off.  Then, I fiddled with it some more and it cracked and then, I pulled it out.  The tooth in my hand was about six inches long.  The roots on the tooth looked like legs and it was a perfect ivory sculpture of an elephant, although cracked and chipped.  On the broken ends of the roots, I could see nerves hanging out of only two ends which made me think that half of the tooth was dead but that it was not totally dead when I pulled it.

Interpretation?  My take based on classical dream symbols... teeth falling out could be either insecurity or new beginnings.  But since this is not a baby tooth and was damaged, I think insecurity perhaps is more fitting.  Elephants typically represent success in one's career.  But, since this elephant was damaged and came from my lost tooth, I am thinking that the dream may mean that I am overwhelmed with my career.  What was once my wonderful career success, my beautiful elephant, is starting to crumble.  I pulled the damaged tooth myself which means perhaps it is coming close to time for me to move on to a new way of making a living.

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