Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Acid Clown Mobile

I was at a night club in Germany. At first, it seemed like an ordinary dance club. But the room upstairs had a fetish orientation. There was an odd machine in the front that had a metal grid mesh out of which they began pumping excrement. The folks in the club, while dancing to the techno beat, began grabbing handfulls of the dung and started smudging it all over themselves in a sensual manner. I saw this and thought, "Damn, this is too frick'n weird for me." And, I quickly left the entire night club. Now, I was walking on the sidewalk along a dark urban street, apparently heading back to my room. A car was approaching from behind. I turned to look at it. It was a white and red 1950's model stationwagon with fins in the back. It had soap bubbles floating out of it's dual tail pipes. And, the car was packed full of clowns. The clowns wore big, brightly colored wigs and brightly colored costumes. One was hanging out the window. As the car passed by, the clown hanging out pointed a super-soaker watergun at me and pulled the trigger. I heard a "honk-honk" as my face was splattered with water. The clown car turned the next corner and was out of sight. I thought it quite odd that clowns would do a drive-by shooting with a water gun. It was a good laugh. I then continued walking. The farther I walked, the more trippy everything looked. I saw a guy setting at a bus stop. I walked up to him and told him what had happened with the clowns. His face lit up and he told me that I was a victim of urban terrorism. He explained that the clowns had recently been spotted across town spraying innocent by-standards with liquid LSD. At that point, I looked at a wall. The nails in the wall were alligned exceptionally straight, perfectly aligned. Details in my vision expanded to where everything took on a surreal ultra-detailed look. The walls started breathing. I'll be damned, I just realized that it was true. I was tripping balls.

This dream is not likely to be prophetic. I think the excrament was a
reflection of conditions of Iraqi prisoners that I had seen on an HBO
documentary just prior to falling asleep. I am uncertain of why the
terrorism was in the form of clowns with LSD rather than militants with
explossives. Any comments?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bathtub Graffiti

This is not a dream of mine. It's a Youtube video clip from some guy that I happened upon in random. But, it illustrates something very important about the human mind and our ability to see patterns where there shouldn't be any.