Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tree Rooted in Egg - Dec 1, 1999

This dream took place December first 1999, about the same time as I was IM'ing and e-mailing Brandi online. Brandi and I met in person one week later. We were married in the summer of 2002. We had some miscarriages and finally a child in 2006. While perhaps a bit abstract, I don't think any of you will have trouble interpreting this dream....

Setting: Womb inside of woman
Props: Tree roots, human egg, spermatozoas
Characters: N/A

A tree's roots were beginning to penetrate a human egg. At the same time, sperm were swimming around outside trying to enter the same egg.

My History of Dreaming

Recently, my dream recall has been rather poor. I feel that the primary reason for this is that I wake up to an alarm at 5:30 AM each weekday morning and to my 9 month old son around 7:00 AM on weekends. The shock awakenings seem to restrict access to the dreams. When I am allowed to awaken naturally, I tend to remember multiple dreams.

I remember my first prophetic dream which took place sometime before age 7. My dog, Knishika, had cut her paw. There was blood on the back pattio. My father kept putting a band-aid on it and it kept coming off. The next morning, the exact events happened. This was very tramatic for a young child as I loved the dog very much and was deaply concerned.

Another prophet dream from my youth was at age 11. My family was about to move to Dallas, Texas. It was the last night sleeping in my old bedroom in Wichita, Kansas. That night, I prayed to God, asking who my new friends would be. And, I was answered with a dream. I was on a school bus and other kids were introducing themselve. Their names were Bri, Pat, and Shawn. One was a dark-headed guy with a big belt buckle. The second was thin and blond. The third was kind of big and dark skinned. A couple of days later, I was in Texas about to start my first day of school. I got on the school bus. I looked around and was dumbfounded by what I saw. The only thought running through my head was, "these are the people from my dream." As I gathered my thoughts, they began to introduce themselves to me. I was going over their names in my head just prior to their introduction. What's more is that these three kids were my best friends for the next five years. I rarely did anything without one of these three by my side. There was no doubt in my mind but that I had been given a glimpse into the future via my dream.

For 4 years, from 1992 to 1996, I actively journaled my dreams. During this period, I recalled on average four dreams a night, many of which were lucid (more on lucidity another day). During this time, I was very much into neuronautics. I was in multiple meditation clubs and dabbled in mind altering entheogens. All of this brought me more in tune with my subconscious mind. Also during this time, I tended to interpret daily life in terms of my dreaming life rather than visa-versa.

From 1996 to present, I have only written down occasional dreams that seemed significant. My recall has become poorer. This journal is in part an attempt to rekindle my relationship with dreams.