Friday, April 19, 2013

Time, Space, and the Infinite

The following is reprinted from someone else's website. I found it interesting and wanted to share. The author has a very good perspective on modern theories about the nature of time. You can find the original at,%20Space,%20and%20the%20Infinite.html.

... "I" disintegrated in '94 and the Omnipresent Consciousness "filled in the space" where the fabricated identity of the "personal self" or ego had been. Then, from time to time little gems of wisdom would come to "me" (this individual manifestation of the One) and "I" (the One through this one) have shared them through this web site. This is one of those little gems from the Source.... the simple truth about time and space.

What with the great popularity of science fiction about "time travel" and ever increasing theoretical scientific speculation about "distorted" "warped" and otherwise stretched or compressed time and space, it falls to those beyond ego to occasionally blurt out, like the child in the old story, that "The emperor has no clothes!"

When the "great scientific minds of our time" and the most creative fiction writers are playing with models of time and space that allow time travel and jumps through "hyper space", enjoyable as this can be as entertainment and "brainstorming " the possibilities, my calling in this realm is to remind us all that time is simply the concept of event duration, and space still means emptiness. We invented the "fabric of time" and then wove it into all kinds of interesting patterns and textures, but the ultimate reality check is that "there is really nothing there" but our focus on measuring ,reckoning , calculating and theorizing about all kinds of event duration, ...and yet "it" is ALWAYS NOW, eternally and perpetually.!

The confusion about time got more complicated with the advent of relativity theory; specifically the speed limit of light traveling through space and the anomalies of mass increasing as it approaches the speed of light. Einstein's familiar equation, E= MC squared is "ground zero" for the reification of time, i.e., elevating it to the status of a reality in and of itself. It is a marvelous equation relating mass to energy as a function of light speed, but it does not justify the belief that time is some "real stuff" that can be manipulated like silly putty or speeded up, slowed down, and even reversed with some time machine gadgetry.

Obviously events themselves can speed up or slow down in the context of their specific circumstances. Even our most "infallible" atomic clocks will "lose or gain time" when accelerated to a significant fraction of the speed of light. But this does not mean that some actual medium called time was distorted. It means that extreme speed/ acceleration vectors affect the mass and vibration (mass IS vibrating energy) of objects so accelerated.

There is a demonstrated difference between once synchronized clocks when one takes a high speed trip through space and the other "stays home". Our human cells too may age much more slowly as we approach "warp speed" but these are all circumstantial effects upon accelerating "objects" which are made of vibrating energy patterns. Time is event- specific duration measurement. The vibration rate of the cesium atoms of the traveling atomic clock was slowed by extreme acceleration, but the experiment claims that less time actually elapsed for the traveling clock. A quite different conclusion!

Time is always relative to events and points of reference, but the eternal present is absolute and omnipresent.

From cosmic perspective it is "Now" everywhere always, even though it has taken 15 billion years for the light of the "big bang", which happened 15 billion years ago, to reach Earth.

A similar misconception hangs on around "space." Since "black holes" were discovered and cosmic "worm hole" theory caught on in the sci-fi realm, a new wave of belief has developed that space is some medium that folds, bends, warps and does various amazing tricks that might allow, say intergalactic travel without having to go the "real distance", for example.

"Folded" space then might have threads or holes connecting one area of the "fabric" to another without traveling the "surface of the fabric" the "long way around the folds." This fiction helps us visit far away places in our imagination, but space is not really some "thing" that can develop "folds" or warpage anomalies. Space is infinite emptiness without limit, and the manifest cosmos (known and perhaps unknown) continues to expand from the "bang" outward into that infinite space.
Whether or not it will eventually exhaust its outward explosion and reach a theoretical "gravity net" at the outer extreme of entropy and return via gravity back into one primordial ball of matter and explode again... we still don't know.
In fact it all appears to be still accelerating outwardly rather than slowing down, so it is too soon to call whether it is a pulsating explosion/ implosion cycle or will run down to total entropy (energy evenly distributed in infinite expansion.) This individual's "vision", given when ego disintegrated, was identical with the pulsating cosmos theory, but that model has now lost favor in view of the mystery of continuing outward acceleration.

Either way space itself is the emptiness in which all cosmic events happen.

Gravity wells leading into black holes, for instance are NOT "distortions in the space- time continuum" but the attractive force of gravity acting across space in measurable time without either being some "thing" which is bent or somehow distorted.
Here too this observer (albeit in the transcendent realm of the cosmic imagination) was "shown" the birth of stars out of the super compressed matter of black holes. This was revealed as the cosmic dance between gravity and the fusion explosion of matter to energy.

All mass has the potential of becoming pure energy again when "critical mass" is reached through gravitational compression. A black hole is a gravitational vacuum in space drawing in the raw material and then exploding into a new star. Ultimately, if / when all matter collapses back into the original black hole ( all matter before the "bang"}, this is the raw material for the next expansion cycle of the whole cosmos. "My vision" was that our cosmos is not a one time deal, nor is one individual life. And this explains "where it all came from before the big bang"...i.e., from the last implosion cycle. So the "something out of nothing" paradox is solved.

This is enough for now. Maybe too much for some, but it is what this individual expression of the One has to " tell the world" about time and space and the infinite Consciousness "THAT I AM" , that we all are One Being manifesting as each individual.

OM... Amen.