Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dream - Child Subject Matter Expert

I was working.... everything was dark. I was visiting a bar. This was the current site to focus on incorporating into our SAP system implementation. Why a bar and not a factory? The only person at this site who seemed to have any clue of how things worked was a child, about 9 or 10 years old. He is the one that I had identified as my subject matter expert rather than those who were at high levels and respected. Now, I was there, on site, seeing his tiny little immature face and wondering if I'd screwed up and not picked the best man to represent this location, a beer hall. My boss was coming into town to participate in the project workshop. I worried that he'd look down upon me for picking a child to represent the business. But, then what were the choices? Everyone else was brainless and clueless. The top bar manager called me into his office. There was a phone call for me. I picked up the phone, still standing at the manager's desk. The person on the other end was the child prodigy's father. He was wanting to speak with me before letting his son do business with me. He was questioning why I'd chosen this child on such an important project. All I could do was try to explain to him how smart his son was. But the father was a little uneasy about the stress it'd put on his son, who should be outside playing not working long hours at a bar. After a discussion, we said "goodbye" and hung up the phones. I still didn't have a clear idea of whether or not I'd be allowed to tap his son's knowledge about how the bar operated. I walked outside, through the bar's back door.

Interpretation: This dream reflects my current working environment. I'm identifying subject matter experts to assist me at various manufacturing locations. Often while traveling, we frequent bars. So, it makes sense to mix the two. Some of the subject matter experts are clerical workers rather than middle management. They might not be the ones allowed to make decisions, but they are indeed the ones who know how things really work behind the scenes. So, in a way, they are seen as naive yet in reality they are prodigies. The child's father then would be like these experts' bosses who are sometimes reluctant to let them dedicate time to a high profile and very important project. I suppose worry about my own boss was simply questioning if I'd made the right decisions and how my boss would feel about the people I chose. I find it interesting that I exited through the back door rather than the main entrance. What was I doing out there? Was this an escape? Or simply finding an easy out?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dream - Taking the Family to Tijuana

Dreamt I'd taken my family along on a business trip to Tijuana, Mexico.

Details are vague. Likely due to my upcoming business trip to Mexico. That plus having just returned from a business trip to France on which I did take family.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dream - Foursome

In this dream... my wife and I were in our bed along with two Indian men (from India, not Native American). She began giving one of them a blow job. I wasn't upset but rather excited, knowing that if I were patient then I would get one too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dream - Baseball sized hail

I was driving down a forest mountain road in the rain. Upon crossing a stream, I came upon my wife's parent's house. It was not raining at their house yet. Joe, my wife's father was showing me a wooden VW van that he'd recently acquired. I commented that it'd make a great dog house. Next, I entered the house, where I found my brother Don, sitting on the couch. We talked for a little while. Then, I noticed that the storm was here. I went out on the porch to watch. And, I saw that it had begun to hail. The stones were quite large, some the size of baseballs. Joe and I feared that our cars would be damaged. I told him that it wasn't all that bad because the insurance company would likely just total our cars, and have us by it back with a salvage title for a fraction of the payment. Then, my mother-in-law ran past me out into the rain. She wanted to keep one of the giant hail stones. I tried to tell her that it was too dangerous to be out there but she wouldn't listen. As I yelled at her to come back, I saw my sister-in-law (15 years old) out there with a grocery bag, filling it up with stones. I tried my best to get the two of them out of dangers way but they simply wouldn't listen.