Saturday, February 9, 2008

Calling upon the four directions

Long ago, I used to attend moon lodges. Here is a little song that we'd chant or sing to begin circle...

To the East
Land of our dawn and birth
Bringer of the air
Bringer of the eagle of spring

To the South
Land of our youth and sun
Bringer of the fire
Bringer of the lion of summer

To the West
Land of the peoples twilight
Bringer of the water
Bringer of the dreaming bear of fall

To the North
Land of Grandmother midnight
Bringer of the earth
Bringer of the winter buffalo

Great Sprit
Earth, Air, Fire, and Sea
You are all around us
And you're inside of me.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Alan Watts: Music and Life

I've always been a big fan of Alan Watts. His book titled "The Book; On the Taboo Against Knowing Who you Are" is one of my favorite reality models.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Religious Art & Spring Break

During spring break back in 1992 a friend and I were at a party near Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Someone at the party said we should drive to Daytona. I thought it sounded like a great idea so the three of us left right then and started our 9 hour drive. Once in Daytona, we didn't even think about what hotel we were going to stay at. Instead, we just went to the beach and started partying. That evening, some fellow partiers asked what hotel we were staying at. I said that we had just gotten in town and didn't know where we were going to stay. He then offered us the sleeper sofa in their time-share on the beach. So, two of us slept on the fold-out bed and one of us on the floor. If we had planned the vacation, it'd have not been as cheap nor as fun. The next evening, blotter acid was being passed around. After a rather interesting trip, we began the drive home.

We decided to stop in St. Augustine to eat and possibly rest. We were still feeling a bit trippy. Saint Augustine was a really cool town and for some particular reason many people were in period costumes wondering the streets. We found ourselves in a beautiful garden within the walls of an old Spanish building that is now a college. Then, we wondered into a small old church that I think might have once been some sort of Spanish missionary. On one wall was a beautiful mural. The image was etched into my brain. When I got home, I drew it in my sketchbook but of course I took creative liberties when drawing it... the result is the picture above.

In the picture note the following:
  1. Coyote Howling at the Moon
  2. Naked Pagans Gathered under the Full Moon
  3. Ghandi Sitting bottom left
  4. Budha in Front
  5. Pan Resting
  6. Marijuana Growing in the Crevice
  7. Angel throwing down blotter hits depicting golden keys (or musical notes?)
  8. Nativity in the Middle with Virgin Mary adoring New Born Child.
  9. Nativity Goat with inverted pentagram looming over the baby Jesus.

I'm not sure what I intended by the subjects that I added to the nativity. I can only assume that they depict various other religions. Perhaps it represents the chaotic mismatch of religious beliefs. Maybe the demonic goat is a threat looming over the blissful child... you tell me what you think.

Robert Anton Wilson On The Joy Of Art

Robert Anton Wilson: About Timothy Leary

I met Timothy Leary back in 1992 at the Atlanta Hilton Towers. The first day, he struck me as extremely intelligent. He also had an aura about him where people who would normally hate him couldn't help but like him. In person, he didn't seem psycho as he is often portrayed on TV. On the second day, he was obviously fucked up... still getting high even in his 70's. Given his life challenges, his spirit was never broken. Good for you Tim. Good for you. May he rest in peace.