Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dream - Baseball sized hail

I was driving down a forest mountain road in the rain. Upon crossing a stream, I came upon my wife's parent's house. It was not raining at their house yet. Joe, my wife's father was showing me a wooden VW van that he'd recently acquired. I commented that it'd make a great dog house. Next, I entered the house, where I found my brother Don, sitting on the couch. We talked for a little while. Then, I noticed that the storm was here. I went out on the porch to watch. And, I saw that it had begun to hail. The stones were quite large, some the size of baseballs. Joe and I feared that our cars would be damaged. I told him that it wasn't all that bad because the insurance company would likely just total our cars, and have us by it back with a salvage title for a fraction of the payment. Then, my mother-in-law ran past me out into the rain. She wanted to keep one of the giant hail stones. I tried to tell her that it was too dangerous to be out there but she wouldn't listen. As I yelled at her to come back, I saw my sister-in-law (15 years old) out there with a grocery bag, filling it up with stones. I tried my best to get the two of them out of dangers way but they simply wouldn't listen.

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