Saturday, December 6, 2008

Light Orbs and Childbirth

About ten years ago, I was at the hospital awaiting the birth of my brother's twin babies. After a great deal of labor, the doctors decided it was just about time to start pushing. Just before they rolled her into another room, I saw two balls of light come down through the ceiling and enter her belly. The light orbs had no real color but where a sort of pale white. I didn't speak of this to anyone and I wasn't sure that it wasn't my imagination.

2 years ago, when my wife was in labor giving birth to my son, the same thing happened. Just before the doctors told her to start pushing, a light orb swooshed down through the wall and entered my wife. Once again, I didn't tell anyone what I saw. I was too caught up in my son's birth to even think much about it at the time.

I think that this may be the soul entering the baby at the time of birth. Part of me doesn't like what this implies. I'd like to believe that the fetus reactions to noises, etc. is due to consciousness and that life starts earlier. If life really starts at birth then it has major implications. Does anyone know of anybody else who has experienced these light orbs during child-birth?

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