Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dream - The Book of Infinite Wisdom

I was in a library, looking for a book called "The Book of Infinite Wisdom". I looked up the index
and went to the shelf. It was hidden on the shelf, stashed behind a glass pain that was holding up lots of papers and a sculpture bust. The book was about 2 feet tall and 1.5 feet wide and 6 inches thick. Many of the pages were printed in mirror image, backwards. There were numerous wonderful plate etchings with tissue paper draping over, protecting the print. I couldn't figure out if it was an evil book or not. In some ways it looked like an encyclopedia of arcane knowledge but it also seemed to have a story flow to it. I checked out the book and brought it home to read. ON the way home, I witnessed a fractal where a couple of people walking near by were duplicated in tiny images that floated about looking like the fluffy puffs from blowing on a dandelion weed. Once in doors, I opened the book up and sat it on a coffee table. I began to read. My mother was there. As I turned each page, many broke loose from their binding. The book was probably hundreds of years old and very fragile. I wondered if I could return it to the library in this condition or what the fine would be if I were to keep it, claiming it to be lost. A roaring began. My mother yelled for us all to run to the basement. We went outside (now at my grandfather's house) to go around to the side door leading into the basement. I could see a tornado near-by. I started the think that it was a dream. I wondered what the storm represented. Tornadoes are usually representing change. But what change might take place at my grandfather's house????

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