Monday, August 11, 2008

Existence 101

Quite often, within a dream, we are confronted by various characters all of whom seem to think for themselves. In actuality, the individuals within our dreams are primarily manifestations of aspects of one's own self. But, in the dream realm these people seem to be autonomous creatures with their own thoughts and concerns. From a psychological perspective it may be said that we all develop multiple personalities while dreaming. The primary character is whomever our waking consciousness chooses to identify with. This same principle can be applied to our waking world. However, in consensus reality, the real dreamer is not usually identifying you as part of his own persona. In other words, you are simply an aspect of the mind of our Creator, one of many characters in the play. During peak experiences, we are sometimes able to identify with our Dreamer. In rare moments of lucidity, our Dreamer may also identify with us. The unique quality of enlightened beings such as Jason, Jesus, and Buddha is that they are individuals with whom the Creator identifies. They are those who dream us. While in lucid, enlightened states, these individuals are aware that our world is in fact a dream and this awareness allows he or she to perform miracles. Anyone with enough faith can also achieve this powerful state of being.

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