Friday, May 9, 2008

Dreams - Underground Party & Yertle Dies & Python

These dreams all took place during the same night.


I'm uncertain as to what country this dream took place in. I was at a huge rave-like party. Sitting on the edge of the stage was a box full of various pills and quarter blotter sheets (25 hits each). As I rummaged through the box, I picked up 4 or 5 quarter sheets with various signature pictures. I wasn't wanting to do the acid in this setting but thought nobody would notice if I pocketed some for later. Just then, a woman ran into the party and exclaimed that the cops were on their way and that everyone should get the hell out. Acid in hand, I headed out the door and down the street.

Soon, I was at an airport. Apparently, I had to either fly home or back to whatever country I was working in at the time. I recall setting in the airport contemplating whether the doses were worth smuggling. I knew that there was no scent or way to detect them but also knew the consequences if I were caught.

FYI - I've not done acid in about a decade.... I think it comes up often in dreams because the dream state is so similar to the acid state.

Yertle is our pet turtle. In consensus reality, she has only one head. In the dream, she had two heads. In consensus reality, she lives in a terrarium. In the dream, she lived on top of a table. Yertle appeared very agitated. She kept diving off of the table, onto the floor. I repeatedly picked her up and told her that she was going to hurt herself if she didn't stay on the table. I set her on the table again. This time she walked over to the other side of the table, next to a large red and yellow snake/lizard. The snake pounced on Yertle, swallowing her whole. Now, I understood why Yertle had been acting so crazy. Brandi, my wife, grabbed the snake and poked a pencil up it's butt, trying to push Yertle back out of it's mouth. She succeeded and freed Yertle. But, it was too late. Yertle was dead!


(vague) There was a cut in the hill, a 15 foot tall muddy cliff. Along the side of it was a giant python-like snake....

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