Monday, January 28, 2008

Dream - The Stars Said You'd be a Dreamer

My co-workers and I had missed the last train from Paris to Rueil Malmaison so we took a taxi. Upon arrival at our hotel, I saw my mother. She invited me into a back room, just off the lobby. This room resembled my mother's sun room at her own home. In the room was a small glass topped table with 3 chairs. I sat down in the empty chair across from a man and a woman who were in their mid 50's. The man had dark black hair and the woman had reddish brown hair.

My mother said to me, "D___, I'd like you to meet my sister." I was a bit confused and then realized that she meant that they were very close friends.

The lady said to me, "I'll be that you don't remember us." I recognized them as Lauren and Kay, friends of my parents when I was very young. I don't think I'd seen either of them since I was five years old. I said, "you are Lauren and Kay... Kate."

She corrected me, "Kate". Then she said, "Your mother sent me an e-mail the other day with a link to your son's blog. I noticed that the name in your e-mail address was neuronaut. This is why I wanted to meet you. I always knew you would be a dreamer. It was written in the stars when you were born. You see..." She then proceeded to explain the position of various stars and consolations at the time I was born. I don't really buy astrology and didn't really listen to what she was saying.

I interrupted her, "excuse me for not following all of this. I've had a long crazy trip today and am a little bit spacey."

She said, "I understand completely."

I asked, "how are your two children? As I recall you have a girl my age and a boy a little younger."

She corrected, "we have three children. Here is the newest addition to the family." And, she pointed at a small puppy in baby clothes being cuddled by Lauren next to her.

Comments: I am kicking myself for not picking up better on the queues. Almost the entire dream was a discussion about dreaming yet I never realized that I was asleep! If I had only realized that I was in a dream state, this could have become an intense lucid experience where I could have asked Lauren and Kay some serious questions about the dreaming mind!!!!

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