Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dream - Native Inlaws Living in Trees

I was in a peculiar, Tolkeinesk dwelling. The home was situated up in the tree tops. It was consisted of a small living room with couch, tiny kitchen, and a bedroom. On the couch were two black ladies. The oldest informed me (in a British accent) that they were my sons ancestors from long ago. She asked if it surprised me to find that I had black in-laws. I responded, "no." and inquired as to where we were. They explained that they were "forest people" living in the tree tops. I asked what year it was and they replied "1391".

Comments: I was awaken by my son crying and didn't get to ask any further questions. I find this dream perplexing as I don't understand why the racial connotations. I have never considered myself the least bit racists. I find other cultures intriguing not threatening. The houses being in the tree tops makes me suspect that there were dangerous forest animals on the ground. Why else build your home high in the air?

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