Monday, November 5, 2007

Dream - Curse on a Dead Mother

This dream was recorded several days after...

My mother had died. She was to be buried in a family section of an old graveyard. I was present when the undertaker was burying the body. The casket shifted. He then opened the lid, revealing my dead mother. He muttered a curse. I was taken aback and asked why he'd done such a thing. He said that it was harmless and kept the bodies from moving as he was burying them. He said that he did this for everyone that he buried and that it was nothing to worry about.

Later that evening, at my grandparent's house, my mother's ghost came to me. She was amazed that she could talk to me. And, she didn't seem to understand why she was simply hanging around with no "heaven" or after-life besides the one she'd died from. I could see her plainly. After a few days of her hanging around, we discussed in great length whether or not it was natural for her to still be hanging around. She told me that my dead cousin Stacy was in the same predicament. She was buried nearby, in the same cemetery. It dawned on me about the curse that the undertaker had put on her body. We came to the conclusion that this curse somehow prevented the body from resting in peace and therefore prevented her soul from passing onward.

Having determined that the curse was the cause, we discussed possible ways to reverse it. We discussed having a preacher bless her grave but didn't know if it would be enough. Then, we decided that she should be buried with blessed/holy earth. I convinced the caretaker to help by digging her up so that I could put some holy soil on top of her. After digging her up, he opened the coffin. I saw my partially decomposed mother. I threw a shovel full of dirt into the open coffin on top of her.

At the point I awoke, not being able to determine whether the curse was lifted and her soul freed.

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