Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dream - RAW & Leary

This dream is vague with little detail in recall...

I was at my home and was visited by Robert Anton Wilson, author of various books about conspiracy, psychology, and philosophy. He was walking (in the last several years of his life, he was confined to a wheel chair). We discussed having met at Dragon Con several years ago. I told him how he'd autographed several of my books and how I owned all but one that he'd written. He then asked to see my collection and began signing my remaining books. He was about to leave and I walked him out to his old rusty car. Just then, Timothy Leary popped in to say "hi" to his old friend Bob and myself (I had also met Timothy Leary at Dragon Con back in 1992). As we were talking, I said to Bob, "Hey, wait a minute... Timothy Leary is dead." Bob smiled knowingly at me and said, "So am I, remember?" (Bob had died earlier this year).

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