Sunday, February 4, 2007

House Collapse & Shaman Kidnapper

The House (Vague)

My wife's dad had made his own house. In this dream, a loose screw came up out of the floor. When her dad went to screw it back in, there was a loud pop and half the house dropped by about 4 feet. I went to the attic with him to try to find what had caused the collapse. There were several two-by-fours busted.

Shaman Christy Kidnaps & Murders (Vague)

Christy, the shaman, had a young girl living with her. Something seemed odd about the arrangement. I learned that she'd kidnapped the girl. Her and 2 siblings had turned up missing. The children, prior to turning up missing, had lived across a field / wooded area from Christy. I went to the girl's real family's house. There, I discovered clues that led me to find at least one of the siblings bodies in the woods behind the house. The entire dream took place at night time and was very dark.

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